Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Politico Campaigns we regularly field questions about achieving first place on Google and other search engine results. Many times, the questions directed at us are the result of an unsolicited email from someone promising to put you on the first page of Google, for a fee, that is.

The fact is that there is no shortcut towards being the first result on Google. It takes work, consistently adding new content and paying for advertising. Google makes money from the advertising that you purchase. That is the most important thing to keep in mind.

But there are techniques to achieving that coveted first-listing on Google. The techniques are called search engine optimization (SEO). But it’s not a secret recipe. Or, a secret sauce. It requires persistence and work.

SEO starts at the code level behind your website. The code that makes your website work. These are the meta tags that your website should have. Every website we produce includes the relevant keywords at no additional charge. SEO is also the placement of keywords throughout your site that elicits visitors to arrive to your site. But know that putting lots of keywords on your site doesn’t work.

However, the appropriate use of keywords is important if it is done right.

Content Is King

The first thing to know is that content is king. Putting up a website and not adding new content to it hurts your position on the search engines. The more new content your site has, the better positioning you achieve on Google and the other search engines. This is where the proper use of keywords is important.

New content for businesses may seem difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Simply add a news section to your website announcing new products/services are achievements your company receives. Next add a blog. Many readers are thinking, ugh, a blog. It’s not that kind of blog. It’s a place where you share important items about the industry you are working in. Your company blog should be used to discuss regulatory changes that affect the business sector you are in or add to the conversations surrounding the industry news around you. It is a place for you to share your expertise. By publishing relevant content, not only will you be creating new content that is important to the SEO you seek, but the content populates your website with the keywords that are important to gaining in the search engine results.

There Are No Short Cuts

The most important thing to keep in mind is that it takes time. More important to remember is that your business website is like your house. It requires upkeep to protect your investment. Invest in your business website by making time to update visitors on the achievements you achieve and informing them about important events in your industry.

A Quick Word On Backlinks

There are SEO consultants that will sell you “backlinks” on other websites as a shortcut to SEO success. Although backlinks do play an important part of search engine positioning, they cannot work without having new and relevant content on your site. You simply shouldn’t pay for backlinks because they don’t work as sellers tell you they do.

If you want to use backlinks, then do so as they are intended to be used. It is the only way they work. To create a network of backlinks, go to blogs and news sites that are relevant to your business sector. Add comments, interact with the ongoing discussions and carefully link your website each time you post or respond to an interaction. But follow the rules or ask permission. Overtime, your backlink network will start to function as it is intended.

Also, offer your expertise by submitting articles or a how to article to online publications. They will welcome your content and likely allow you to link back to your website.

Google Ads

Like any advertising, Google advertising is a vehicle for driving traffic to your website. They are effective and inexpensive. Will they move you to the top of the search engine results? Yes, because you paid for placement. If you want to pay for search engine placement, than buying advertising is the only expense you should consider.

A Final Word On SEO

As you think about SEO, it is important to remember these three things: organic, work and time.

Achieving the coveted first place on any search engine is achieved through organic (authentic) new content you place on your website over time. Consistency and quality are key and it takes time and work to achieve.

At Politico Campaigns, we are happy to help you achieve SEO by providing you with the tools you need. We offer a monthy service where we create the copy, the graphics and place new content on your website to help with your SEO goal.

By the way, this article is an example of using keywords for positioning on a search engine by providing you with the information you seek.