Candidate Research

Knowing who your opponents are is an important element of any election. After all, an election is a contest between two individuals looking to grab the voters’ attention. Candidate research seems to be negative campaigning because that is what your opponents want you to believe.

Opposition research seems to be a dirty tactic, but it is just smart campaigning. And, contrary to what most believe, opposition research is not only knowing your opponent but also understanding your own weaknesses.

Having opposition research on yourself may seem counterproductive or even uncomfortable but knowing what your opponents can know about you helps you strategically prepare for when your opponent uses your mistakes to score political points.

Knowing what can come in the hopes it never does is better than getting caught off guard days away from Election Day. An opposition paper on yourself lets you prepare the correct response should the need arise.

Opposition research on your opponent is strategy for winning an election. Remember voters are comparing you against your opponents. Pretending that they won’t find out the things you hope won’t come out won’t make it so. Pretending that you won’t use knowledge about your opponent fairly and ethically assumes that everyone plays nice together.

Candidate research provides the information you need to win an election.

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