Accessibility And Inclusion

Voters with disabilities has been surging since 2016 with turnout by disabled voters increasing by 5.9%, compared to 5.3% of American voters without disabilities between the 2018 and 2020 elections, according to the Election Assistance Commission fact sheet: Disability and Voter Turnout in the 2020 Elections.

There are over 17 million voters with disabilities who reported voting in 2020.

According to a 2019 report from the Texas governor’s office, “Texas has the second largest number of individuals with disabilities of all states.”

According to the Texas Tribune, in 2020 there were nearly 3 million Texas voters.

According to the City of El Paso, approximately 20% of the city’s population has some form of disability.

Because of advanced voter targeting techniques and an active disabled community, campaigns can no longer afford to ignore an important constituency.

At Politico Campaigns we know how to make inclusiveness work for your political campaign. We can create special QR codes for your printed materials that voters with visual impairments can use to read your materials on their own.

We can create your campaign website to offer your visually impaired voters an easy to use website.

We believe that political campaigns should be inclusive of all voters and that is why we offer inclusiveness solutions that are affordable, starting a $20 without sacrificing the colorful and artistic printed materials you want for your campaign.

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