About Politico Campaigns

We’ve Been Working On Political Campaigns Since 2006


Politico Campaigns was established by Martín Paredes in 2022 to fill the void for professional campaign services between the do-it-yourself (DIY) services typically available to smaller political campaigns, and the expensive marketing agencies used by the larger campaigns. Smaller campaigns start off with the disadvantage of having little to no name recognition against established campaigns leveraging expensive marketing techniques to position themselves over their opponents. Elections are expensive. But by leveraging years of experience with agile delivery vehicles, Politico Campaigns can help level the playing field with professional marketing and technology services for campaigns looking to maximize their donors’ dollars.

We are a lean agile agency able to deliver quality work at price points that are attractive to any campaign.

Communicating with the voter requires a brand voters can embrace, messaging that resonates with the appropriate voters and the strategic use of today’s digital platforms to reach voters wherever they are gathering to make the decision on who to vote for.

Holistic Approach

Political Political campaigns are increasing getting more complex, requiring several pieces and expertise to come together for the campaign to efficiently reach voters by Election Day. A holistic approach - a single source for political services - is required. To that end, Politico Campaigns has partnered with Sun Circle Strategic Group to offer a full suite of political campaign services under one roof.

Our founder, Martín Paredes, has been developing campaign marketing and offering political campaigns the technology they need to succeed since 2006. His experience in targeted Hispanic marketing and his approach to holistic merging of creativity with technology maximizes a campaign’s dollars in any political contest.

The founder of Sun Circle Strategic Group, Eddie Holguin and his partner, Lily Limón have held political office and have led several political campaigns to victory for over 30 years. Their expertise in political campaigns for Democratic candidates is well-known among Democratic Party circles.

Reaching the right voter doesn’t need to be a game of casting a wide net in the hopes of capturing enough voters to win an election. A holistic and time-tested approach honed over decades of experience in marketing and technology allows any campaign to compete in any election. From grassroots to established candidates, Politico Campaigns and Sun Circle Strategic Group delivers the tools for winning.

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