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About Politico Campaigns

Politico Campaigns connects candidates with the voters. We provide the branding, the creative assets, the technology and the strategy to candidates, advocacy organizations, grassroots groups and non-profits looking for a proven system to win. Simply, we strategize you to victory.

Led by political veterans Eddie Holguin, Lily Limón and Martín Paredes, Politico Campaigns offers a holistic approach to political campaigns combining time-tested strategies with disruptive technology to target the voters needed to succeed at the ballot box.

Our specialties include digital advertising and marketing, message formulation and management, voter outreach through traditional canvassing integrated into a robust technology platform and the experience to navigate the chaotic and fast-moving political sphere. It doesn’t matter what your issue is because we have the experience and the tools to make it a reality.

Whether you have a small budget or unlimited resources, we have the tools and know-how to help you campaign effectively by focusing on the voters necessary to win. Our combined experience of over 20-years in the political and technology sectors gives us the unique tools to act for you with unparalleled agility and experience.

Where Democrats Come To Win.


You need the strategy and the tools to win an election. We offer time-tested strategies and the materials you need to win. We are a one-stop shop for all your election needs.

Field Work

Voter canvassing is the key. From strategic block walking to online social media engagement to direct mail and advertising, we have the expertise to help you win.


We have the technology for your success. From a campaign website to extensive voter metrics on your own App we have you covered.

Ready to win?

At Politico Campaigns we are driven by one thing - your win on Election Day.

Campaign Packages

Small Campaign


  • Campaign Logo
  • Campaign Branding
  • Campaign Domain Name
  • Campaign Website
  • Campaign Email Address
  • Voter App
Most Popular


  • Campaign Logo
  • Campaign Branding
  • Campaign Domain Name
  • Campaign Website
  • Campaign Email Address
  • Voter App
  • Create Social Media
  • 200 Campaign Signs
  • 50 Campaign Lapel Buttons
Full Featured


  • Campaign Logo
  • Campaign Branding
  • Campaign Domain Name
  • Campaign Website
  • Campaign Email Address
  • Voter App
  • Create Social Media
  • 500 Campaign Signs
  • 100 Campaign Lapel Buttons
  • 500 Doorhangers


  • Level 3 Access To Our Voter App
  • Campaign Branding, Messaging & Strategy
  • Voter Data Analytics
  • Target Voters
  • Get-Out-The-Vote
  • SWOT
  • Weekly Briefings
  • Assist Block Walks
  • Assist Phonebanks
  • Assist Press Conferences
  • Assist Polling
  • Advice Volunteer Organizer
  • Develop Creative Materials
  • Draft Press Releases
  • Campaign Website
  • Social Media
  • 3 Campaign Email Accounts
  • Help With Forms
  • Mailouts
  • Help With Media
6-Month Commitment
or $10,000 in advance.

Comparison Table

  Bronze Silver Gold
Branding Colors, Slogan & Files Colors, Slogan & Files Colors, Slogan & Files
Campaign Website
Email Accounts 1 1 1
Voter App Level 1 Level 2 Level 2
Create Social Media Channels
Campaign Signs 200 500
Lapel Buttons 50 100
Doorhangers 500
Price $399 $999 $3,999
Additional Emails $6 ea. $6 ea. $6 ea.
Wordpress Website Add-on $150 $150

Services for 6 months. Add another 6 months for $199. Prices subject to change. Limits apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

Politico Campaigns offers a full-suite of campaign consulting services.

My vendor needs my logo, where can I get it?
If Politico Campaigns created your logo, you can download your logo files from the downloads section.
How do I log into my campaign email?
Login through webmail by using this link.
How do I look up my voter data?
Access your voter lists and data through your campaign dashboard by using this link.
How can I make a payment?
Payments to your account can be made via the dashboard. Click on this link to login.
Politico Campaigns FAQs

Why Politico Campaigns?

We lead you to the win on Election Day through a holistic well-tailored strategy based on high-impact data metrics designed to maximze your voter reach.


One goal - To win.

Our strategy is simple. We find your path to victory through a time-tested strategy using a proven ground game driven by our exclusive technology.


Holistic Approach.

We know how to win in politics. It takes efficiency, agility and putting solutions above all else. It is our passion that leads to your victory.


Exclusive Data.

We have the data no one else has. Our voter data goes back 22 years. It includes the necessary metrics to focus on the likely voter to vote for you.


Every Step Of The Way.

Politico Campaigns is a full-service firm offering a full suite of solutions including campaign branding, campaign strategy, voter out reach, mailouts and everything in between. We are the hub to your campaign.

Politico Campaigns Offers Solutions